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New Insect Repellent, DEET FREE, 8 Hr. Pregnant Women & Children safe! 2 oz. Intro. Price

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New from Rubber Ducky. Imported from New Zealand!

Protect, 6-8 hour active protection Insect Repellent!

 Effective against insects and ticks carrying lyme disease! As well as west nile fever, malaria, meningoencephalitis and more! 

Certified by U.S. CDC: Suitable for pregnant women, children and pets!

This new generation insect repellent uses Picardin, a breakthrough non-toxic substitute for DEET. Picardin is an environmentally friendly ingredient that does not penetrate the skin and is suitable for anyone 2 years or older.  It provides safe, effective and long-lasting protection against biting insects, including mosquitoes, sand flies, ticks.


 2 oz. Spray 


Highly effective

·         Repellent products with 20 % Saltidin® provide up to 14 hours of protection against mosquitos and ticks

·         Saltidin® repels a  broad range of mosquitos, flies and ticks

·         Saltidin® protects reliably against insects and ticks carrying the pathogens of the following diseases: west nile fever, malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, lyme disease and meningoencephalitis

Extremely safe

·         Suitable for pregnant women

·         Suitable for small children

·         Low absorption

·         Non-hazardous

·         Non-irritant

·         Non-skin-sensitizing

·         Good environmental compatibility

Pleasant to use

·         Non-sticky on the skin

·         Non-greasy on the skin

Low inherent odor

·         Can be used to produce unscented insect repellents

·         Allows flexible choice of scent for the insect repellent

No adverse effect with a wide range of materials

·         Well tolerated by many plastics