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Rubber Ducky Suncreen News!

News about our company and products!

Brand new for February 2017 * The latest in packaging * Sunscreen Pouches are here!
  • Dripless spout
  • 99.7% of product captured versus tube
  • Environmentally Friendly- Less in Landfills!
See what our customers at saying:

"Just received the Surf Zinc in the pouches. WOW, it is impressive packaging. Congratulations." C.B. in NZ


"I "discovered" your product while visiting Arizona last year (found in a hiking gear shop in Sedona).  I brought some home and found it to be great for long bike rides in the summer sun.  Great stuff! " j.m.

Hey Rubber Ducky!! 

"Just thought I would send a message from New Zealand to let you know how awesome your 'All natural spf50 facial creme tinted' is. I have been searching for a good natural screen for soo long and have finally found it. Great for many hours in the surf!So stoked!!Cheers, Robson"

My son has a skin disease which leaves him in summer time with limited pigment. With your product he does not burn which is a blessing!

"My sister and I first tried Rubber Ducky 2 years ago and fell in love with the product! As a medical esthetician I always tell my clients the importance of protection from the sun, especially living in AZ. I've worked with many Melanoma survivors and have witnessed the kind of damage that can happen if exposed to too much without protection. It's so important to find the right kind of product that protects the skin from both UVB and UVA rays. Many products use several chemicals that claim to protect against this. Some of these chemicals can actually work with the sun to cause more sun spots and damage. But there are really natural ways to effectively protect the skin with zinc and titanium. And the fact that Rubber Ducky is natural non GMO and organic makes me so happy and comfortable putting this on my skin verses a product with 8-11 chemicals that I can't even pronounce. I can't say enough about this product, it's wonderful!"