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Product Testing

Rubber Ducky is the most successfully tested sunscreen in the industry. Our sunscreen has been put through the following tests all resulting in an SPF 50 or higher rating.

Water Resistance Test Protocol

Conducted by AMA Testing Labs, a respected globally recognized testing facility in New York, the specifications of this test were created to be tougher than the FDA test. The specific goal has been to measure performance of a sunscreen in the water, and to rate its performance against “static” performance, meaning simply applying sunscreen, waiting a few minutes and measuring SPF performance.

RIPT (Skin Irritation) Test Protocol

AMA Labs, who have conducted Clinical Trials on our products since 1991, completed the RIPT testing and rated the product as ZERO, the highest quality rating obtainable. The test is conducted on 50 human test subjects over a period of weeks. Subjects are exposed to 9 different “risk” situations which would likely cause skin irritation. This means there are 450 opportunities for irritation to occur. Zero rating means that no subject, in any of the 9 environments developed any skin irritation.

This test results confirm that the product is safe for all skin types, even people who can be sensitive to topically applied product. Sunscreen is generally recommended for use on children 6 months and older, and is considered to be safe on all adults—even seniors who may have skin issues—when there is a Zero rating on RIPT.

Test Results

The Skin Irritation Test resulted in a ZERO rating - the top rating available - meaning no skin irritation occurred in any of the 50 test subjects.

The Global Colipa Test is a combined SPF and UVA test used in Europe and Asia.

The ISO 24444 Test is used in numerous international markets, including Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Australia - New Zealand Test is a special test created by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and is used exclusively in these two countries.

Test Results are downloadable PDF documents, and distributors, sales force groups, retailers and physicians have express permission to re-print and display in any place of business.